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Prestressed Precast Concrete Pavement is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place.

Prestressed Precast Concrete Pavement is a form of concrete that is prepared, cast and cured off-site, usually in a controlled factory environment, using reusable molds. Prestressed Precast Concrete Pavement elements can be joined to other elements to form a complete structure. It is typically used for structural components such as; wall panels, beams, columns, floors, staircases, pipes, tunnels, and so on.

Structural steel frames can provide an alternative for pre-fabricated structural components, but precast concrete can be more economical and sometimes more practical. Many buildings now include a mixture of both construction techniques, sometimes incorporating structural steel work, in-site concrete and precast concrete elements.

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Green Self Healing Concrete

The most terrible thing could be in concrete is any signs of wear and tear. Wear and tear grows with time to time. This small crack may turn out to be a big opening out crack is creating a concrete dilemma for construction companies, and that cost large amount of maintenance and repairs. So never let any signs of wear and tear go for 'Self-healing concrete' as they can lower down cost much lesser to repair in the future.

Self-healing concrete is mostly defined as the ability of concrete to repair its cracks automatically. It is also called self-repairing concrete. strength of concrete is impaired by the liquids and gases that potentially include Bacterial substances. Bacterial self-healing concrete targets the crack healing and the recovery of water-tightness.

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Why Self Healing Concrete?

The major advantage of self healing concrete is that it can last longer to decades. this ensures that we shall never have to look up for repairs concrete again and again. Since concrete is used every day for all mode of construction, the use of self healing concrete is not only reverses corrosion, but also safer and more durable. that minimize the costs and environmental effects of building new structures. Moreover, repairs made with this kind of concrete are likely to last longer than their traditional counterparts.

Microcracks grow and reach the strengthening, not only the concrete itself, but the cracks heal itself as soon as possible. Self-healing of cracks in concrete would contribute to a longer service life of concrete structures and would make the material not only more durable but also more sustainable.


Electric Solar Concrete Panel

The idea is to develop India’s first wireless charging concrete pavement which can automatically charge your electric vehicle as you drive through our electric concrete panel giving you a seamless driving experience without the need of stopping and charging your EV !

Charging on the Go!

This project is a real step forward towards the future of dynamic wireless charging.

The new initiative will be eco-friendly and help us on our way towards a greener tomorrow.There are some obstacles to overcome to ensure that the wireless power transmission can be carried effectively and efficiently. There will be a lasting implementation, a long life for the infrastructure and reduced costs for vehicles since less batteries will be needed.